Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Band, or the Thing?

Birdwatching for eagles, or listening to the Eagles?
Smashing pumpkins, or listening to the Smashing Pumpkins?
Being in a rush, or listening to Rush?
Taking a vacation to visit Boston, or listening to Boston?
Learning about civil wars, or listening to the Civil Wars?
Noticing the fray on your shirt, or listening to The Fray?
Living in America, or listening to America?
Eating homemade bread, or listening to Bread?
Eating birthday cake, or listening to Cake?
Playing only the black keys on your piano, or listening to the Black Keys?
Buying all the cars you've ever wanted, or listening to The Cars?

Who says you can't do both at the same time?
Everything has two sides. Sometimes those different sides can complement each other.
Just think about how excellent it would be to smash pumpkins while listening to Smashing Pumpkins.That would be WILD.

Moral of the story? Punchline? Life lesson? Funny conclusion? Nah, not this time.

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