Sunday, August 7, 2011

Drama Repellent® Worked for ME!

It plagues high school girls around the world. It causes heartache, arguments, stress, anger, lack of focus, tears, broken friendships, emotional outbursts, breakdowns, eating disorders, over-consumption of ice cream and chocolate, car crashes, suicide, and/or death.What is this terrible curse on our society?
Friend drama.
How many times have you heard a 16-year-old girl say:
"UH! I'm sick of all the DRAMA!"
"I am SO MAD at her right now!"
"They are so INSENSITIVE!"
"No one understands!"
"How DARE she steal my man!"
etc, etc. 
In case you're still not clear on what I mean by friend drama:
Friend drama generally consists of close girl friends being in a fight. In most cases it has to do with a boy. Common examples are: liking the same boy and one goes on a date with him, one friend choosing her boyfriend over her girl best friend, one girl "unintentionally" flirting with the boy the other girl likes, and many others. Each individual case is different, but often equally serious. 
But, recent studies have shown that there are preventative measures that could save YOU from needless self destructive behaviors and stressful relationship situations. 
Drama Repellent® has been proven in one or more cases to be the most effective tool on the market to avoid various types of friend drama. 
Drama Repellent® contains the following active ingredients:
  • Not assuming the worst
  • Being sure of tone in a text before assuming anything
  • Not trying to go out with every boy that comes your way
  • Forgiving small, unintentional blunders
  • Not having a high school boyfriend (this is not always a key ingredient, but provides added benefits for some patients).
  • Focusing on what matters most rather than small, insignificant details
  • Not looking for reasons to be angry at other people
  • Allowing friends to explain themselves after an apparent wrongdoing
  • Not flirting with every boy in the school
  • Understanding sarcasm and jokes
  • Being able to take constructive criticism
  • Honesty and communication
  • Talking to people face to face and not always over Facebook or text
  • Not obsessing over one boy
  • Being happy for your friends, not jealous of them
  • Not making a bigger deal out of something than it is
Side effects may include:
  • Better, stronger, and more friendships
  • More fun times
  • Less stress
  • More laughter and jokes
  • Better grades
  • More people that like to be around you
  • Being able to function normally around peers
  • A brighter future
So what are you waiting for? Ask your doctor about Drama Repellent® today!


  1. Ahhh! I love this! And I LOVE you! :) You are fabulous :)

  2. This was a WONDERFUL post!! Thanks Aubs. You're a genius.

  3. A-freaking-men. Get me some of that stuff. Actually, on second thought, I think you should spray every hallway and classroom with that stuff. It would make for a much more happy high-school career for everyone.

  4. You are wise. This is a great product. It'll make you rich. Just pray that it works with co-worker, celebrity and share-buyer drama now.

  5. Hmm...Miriam, maybe I should"similar products" for those situations too. Haha.