Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Unimportant Thought

My dad is good at remembering phone numbers.
I am really really bad at remembering phone numbers.

Is it because he grew up in a generation where you always had to dial phone numbers, and I grew up in a generation where you didn't?

Food for thought. Maybe he just has a better memory than I do.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'd Rather Be A Popsicle

I miss winter.
And yes, I have a right to say that, because you didn't hear me this winter saying "I WANT SUMMER SO BAD!"
I wanna wear sweats and fuzzy socks.
I wanna go skiing and afterwards drink some hot chocolate.
Eating popsicles is great, but I'm perfectly content feeling like a popsicle myself if it means I can go skiing.

But hey, this is a g-rated blog, so that means I should have a positive attitude, right? Actually that has nothing to do with it, but there are good things about summer, too.

Like popsicles. Yum.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Things You Probably Don't Know What I Think About Them

I think holes in socks are cute. Except if the hole is too big, and on the heel. Because then your foot sticks to the ground when you walk on hard wood or tile or linoleum.

I don't like the smell of paint, or gasoline, or spearmint.
The smell of freshly cut grass is just okay. I don't love it.

Controversial political issues, political figures, etc.
Don't even ask, because we will both end up more confused than when we started.

I don't like the kind of nacho cheese that you get at a concession stand at a football game or a baseball game.

I think poetry is really, really hard to focus on.

I think being aware of the people around you trumps arrogance any day.

I love ripping tin foil and opening Babybel cheese and opening a milk jug for the first time.
But opening yogurt containers is stressful.

I think being famous wouldn't be fun. Not. At. All.

Enjoying life is more important than getting everything perfectly exactly right all the time always.

Mops are yucky and gross and nasty.

The smell of bubble gum makes me think of the dentist.

I think exaggerations and understatements are funny but being straightforward is valuable and I think if you have a problem with something you should complain about it to the people who actually have control over it.

And I think some things are more fun to write than to read. Maybe I'm wrong. You tell me.

Friday, June 1, 2012

And That's Okay

I'm sunburned right now...
...and that's okay because I was outside doing fun summery things.

I'm tired right now...
...and that's okay because I can sleep in tomorrow.

I nearly got t-boned earlier this week...
...and that's okay because I didn't actually get t-boned.

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really want to go to a lake right now.

And that's okay, because I probably will soon-ish.

I love this video/song, and that's also okay. Seriously, watch it! It will make you happy! For 6 minutes...

Guys, things are okay!

Ah, summer has been good to me so far. Although, it's going to get hotter...

...I guess that's okay too.