Monday, June 20, 2011

Journey for journeys

They are the band that changed my life.
No, I'm not exaggerating. Think about it. If you've ever heard a song, it has changed your life. Your life now includes you having heard that song, so it has actually changed your life. That's one of those phrases that kills me: "life-changing". Well, duh, it was life changing, your life would be different if that hadn't happened, no matter what it was!
But that's not the point. The point is, Journey is an amazing band. They are so 80s in every way. And they are so classic. I mean honestly, who hasn't heard the song "Don't Stop Believin'" (aside from worms, and maybe cavemen?)
This brings me to summer theme song #3: "Separate Ways".
Last time I said that I usually don't like music videos. This video is where the "usually" comes in. Meaning, this is an exception.

This video is true art. It's inspiring. It speaks to my soul. Because of this video, I've added "play a keyboard on a wall" to my bucket list. Because of this video, I will not rest until I find my very own cut-off Foosball sweatshirt. The story of it is so inspiring. I mean, Steve Perry (lead singer, looks like a woman, wearing the ugliest wife beater you've ever seen...) loves her so much even though his hair is longer than hers. His intensity at 2:10 is just heartbreaking. And the whole atmosphere is so masterfully done. The warehouse is the ultimate place to make a just feels so real, so honest, so desperate. And playing guitar on a forklift? That just gets you right in the most sensitive part of your heart. And right at 3:28-3:42...did someone say EPIC? That is the most exciting, intense, inspiring 14 seconds of your life. Not even the Rocky theme gets me going that much. I just want to sprint to the top of a mountain and do the heartbroken, surprisingly in tune yell Steve Perry voices at the end of the 14 seconds. And don't forget, I'm going to do all of that wearing denim coveralls. Because if any article of clothing can make me sigh and be full of desire, it's those coveralls (or maybe the keyboard guy's jacket...they sure don't make 'em like that anymore.)
So, before I get too ridiculous, I'll just say, if this video doesn't make you laugh BOISTEROUSLY, then you have problems.
So now, go through your journey of life, and let Journey help you along the journey. Because Journey is the best way to get through the journey.
Journey. (If I didn't want to go to bed I'm sure I could find some more ways to use the word "journey".)
Now, go your "Separate Ways". Ha.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boys of Summer

You thought this was going to be a sappy post about me being in love with some boy I met this summer, didn't you?
I wish I could say you were right, because that would be the unexpected answer, but I apologize for the lack of irony, because I can't.
This post is actually about the mall, biking, pianos, cars, phones, computers, people, friends, music, clothes, and Don Henley.
Let's start with the end. This is #2 of my summer theme songs. It's called "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, one of the original members of my favorite band, the Eagles. (I'll have an entire post dedicated to them I'm sure, because I can't sum them up in a few sentences.) Mostly because the word "summer" is in the title, this song just inevitably reminds me of summer. Also, it's just simply classic. (WARNING: 80's haters: vacate the area immediately.) And a side note about the video, I don't particularly like it. I think by the end of my "summer playlist" you're going to realize that I generally don't like music videos. But this one is especially bad. It's's-awk. You can watch it and see what I mean (aka you'll see Don Henley's hair...) or you can just listen to the song and not pay attention.

Now you can listen to that while you read the rest of this. Genius, I know.
These are just the observations I've made and the things I've learned in the last week or so.
1. It can actually be fun to go to the mall just to hang out and browse around.
2. The whole "you make impulse purchases on things that are near the register" lesson from financial literacy is true. (And did I listen? No. But honestly, that lotion at Bath and Body Works was only $1. I feel justified, okay?)
3. Going for a bike ride up the canyon at 7 in the morning is a great way to give yourself twice the workout in half the time, due to wind. (note to self: never do that again.)
4. I rely on the sostenuto pedal of my piano too much. The connecting part inside was broken for about a week before we could get the part to fix it, and it was terrible. With a Brooklyn accent.
5. You can fail your car safety examination for having a leaky rack and pinion.
6. It's a lot more effort than it's worth to connect my phone to my computer with a USB cable I bought on ebay. Also, Samsung has issues.
7. When my friends are out of town, I become a loner. (Okay not really, but I've missed a couple of you vacationers!)
8. I fall somewhere between "I like music" and "music is my life".
Can I just say I love music? Playing it, strumming it, singing it, hearing it...unless it sounds like a cheese grater on a chalkboard. Or a dying farm animal. Or a tractor in a mudhole. Or bunch of doorknobs in a dryer. Then I don't like any of the above.
9. Lately when I've gone shopping, I don't look at shirts and contemplate whether I'm going to buy them, I contemplate how I could make them with my own fabric. Yep, that's right, I'm a sewer.
...So that's why they call it a seamstress...
10. 9 is a terrible number to end on. So, uh, all I have to say is,
And I just realized something. Winks are funny when it's someone your age. But when it's someone older than you, it's creepy.

Now, remember, Don Henley's "love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Playlist

The Theme Songs of A-Money's Summer
Here's what you do: listen to them! They're good. And (should be, hopefully, generally) g-rated. And since I'm verging on lazy, I'm going to do one a day. Or week.
I'll do one a-certain-alloted-but-as-of-today-still-undecided amount of time.
That's right, BOI!
So, today's song of the day is a song that was actually the free single of the week on iTunes recently.
And while we're on the subject, the iTunes free single of the week is like a slot machine. But much, much better. Sometimes it becomes my new favorite song - like winning the jackpot, do you follow? Except usually it just stinks and I'm like "well that was a waste of a 30 second-no-cost-to-me preview." And actually, they aren't that much alike, because the risk and possible return of the slot machine are much higher.
The point is, I like free singles from iTunes.
And now, the song!
It's called "What I Know" by Parachute. The song is worth listening to, but the video isn't really worth watching. Especially because every one of the members of this band has a serious case of "Dude-you-aren't-a-woman-that's-WAY-too-much-V-in-your-t-shirt".

Monday, June 13, 2011

Early to bed, early to rise...

...makes a teenager productive, happy, energetic, efficient...
You've heard it from Ben Franklin: "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."
You've heard it (if you're Mormon/LDS) from D&C 88:124: "...cease to sleep longer than is needful; retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated."
You've heard it from your teachers: "Start going to bed earlier so you can be well rested for your AP test."
You've heard it from your mother: "GET UP!"
You've heard it from your father: "GET UP!"
You've heard it from your friends at sleepovers: "SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP!"
You've heard it from the "Stuff You Should Know" podcast (I'll paraphrase this one): A study was done with lab rats where they didn't allow the rats to sleep for 3 weeks. Why three weeks? Because most of them died after 3 weeks, even though these rats would normally have lived for 3 years. 
And if you haven't heard it from all of these (and MANY MANY MORE) sources, I have.
And I have suddenly received the rude awakening that they were right all along.
It's not that I didn't believe them.
It's not that I didn't want to get enough sleep.
It's not that it would have been hard.
It's not that I wouldn't have had enough time to do my homework.
I just...didn't go to bed early this school year. Holy crenshaw, my dad was right all these years - teenagers do think they're invincible! I thought that my functioning level wasn't any different at 6 hours of sleep, I thought that midnight was a perfectly reasonable bedtime, and I thought that it's normal to not be able to get up at 6:30 am.
Guess what?
I thought incorrectly. (And that is a very awkward phrase.)
So now my question for myself, and all you other quasi insomniacs is...
I'm here to tell you, next school year's going to be different.
Yes, I know I've been saying that ever since 6th grade. But I mean it this time. Because this summer has opened my eyes to the resplendent beauty of getting enough sleep. And it's all because of a slight difference in schedule. (And I should get something for using the word "resplendent").
This summer, my weekday schedule has gone something like this:
7 am: Wake up and exercise (and let me tell you, this is WORTH IT!)
8 am: Get ready for the day
9 am: Go to work at my dad's office
1 pm: Go home and eat lunch
The rest of the day...I can do whatever I want. 
11:30 (ish): Get ready for bed. (It's not that hard. Seriously.)
Going to sleep at 12 and getting up at 7 only gives me an hour or two more than I usually got during the school year. But the difference is night and day.
And surprisingly, the whole "don't sleep longer than you need to and you won't be tired" is true too.
So just don't be the "non" in "non-excellent" and go to sleep on time! I PROMISE it's worth sacrificing that one last minesweeper game or reading Harry Potter for the 17th time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Los Zapatos de los Sueños

For all y'all monolinguals who don't understand the title, this is the day you learn how to use Google translate.
And now, the point of this post. THE shoes. The shoes I drool over. The shoes that the mere sight of launches me into a state of WORLDLY-ISM. Greed. Selfishness. Desire.
Oh PF Flyers, why do you do this to me?! As if your ridiculous comfortability wasn't enough, your sentimental value just kills me, since the hero of one of my favorite childhood movies wears you (speaking of which, if you haven't seen The Sandlot, you'd better get on that sooner than later).
If only I had an extra $55 kicking around...(ha, ha, punny!)
PF Flyers Center Hi
Wait, are you kidding? This girl? Spend that much on shoes?
Oh Aubrey, you're a comedian.

The point is, I like these shoes. I might even love these shoes. But I can't buy them when my bank account is low, even if my want is high. Nooooo sir. (or possibly ma'am. Don't want to offend anyone.)
So, the point is, be a pal, and tell me if you see them on sale. :)

And while we're on the subject...
Here are some other shoes that I love more than my mother's homemade peach pie. (Almost).
PF Flyers Center Hi

More PF Flyers...yep

PF Flyers Sumfun Lo


And then Creative Recreation...I. Love. These. Shoes. (Their guys' shoes are sweet too, just so ya know.)

<em>Creative Recreation Women's Cesario Lo</em> XVI Classic Fashion Sneaker

P.S. if you're still craving peach pie, maybe I'll feel generous and...nah, I won't make you any. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bugles: The Forgotten Snack Food

When was the last time you ate Bugles? Remember how good they are? Or was it too long ago?
Bugles are forlorn and forgotten in our society.
Is it the surprisingly high fat content? The corny (ha, ha) race car picture on the package? The degermed-ness of the corn meal?
Whatever it is, it isn't fair. These savory snacks should be a must have at every party, picnic, and powwow. Instead they are doomed to a life of being put on the shelf - literally - and staying there.
No one says "Hey, don't forget to pick up some bugles while you're out", but we've all heard someone say "Hey, don't forget to pick up some Diet Coke."
No one says "Hey, could you bring some bugles to the party tonight?", but we've all been asked to "bring cookies" or "bring chips" or "bring fruit" to the party.
No one says "I'm really craving bugles right now", but we've all been driven to the fridge or vending machine to satisfy a craving for something else.
Speaking of which, do you think there are Bugles in my school's vending machines?
You better believe there are NOT!
We say "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream", but no one every says "I bugle, you bugle, we all bugle for BUGLES!"
And seriously, don't even try to tell me you haven't felt the sheer pleasure of putting one in your mouth and saying "duh-da-da-daaah!"
Bugles. They are forgotten. They are almost lost in our society. But they will never be forgotten to me. I BUGLE FOR BUGLES!
Keep bugling, folks.