Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boys of Summer

You thought this was going to be a sappy post about me being in love with some boy I met this summer, didn't you?
I wish I could say you were right, because that would be the unexpected answer, but I apologize for the lack of irony, because I can't.
This post is actually about the mall, biking, pianos, cars, phones, computers, people, friends, music, clothes, and Don Henley.
Let's start with the end. This is #2 of my summer theme songs. It's called "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, one of the original members of my favorite band, the Eagles. (I'll have an entire post dedicated to them I'm sure, because I can't sum them up in a few sentences.) Mostly because the word "summer" is in the title, this song just inevitably reminds me of summer. Also, it's just simply classic. (WARNING: 80's haters: vacate the area immediately.) And a side note about the video, I don't particularly like it. I think by the end of my "summer playlist" you're going to realize that I generally don't like music videos. But this one is especially bad. It's's-awk. You can watch it and see what I mean (aka you'll see Don Henley's hair...) or you can just listen to the song and not pay attention.

Now you can listen to that while you read the rest of this. Genius, I know.
These are just the observations I've made and the things I've learned in the last week or so.
1. It can actually be fun to go to the mall just to hang out and browse around.
2. The whole "you make impulse purchases on things that are near the register" lesson from financial literacy is true. (And did I listen? No. But honestly, that lotion at Bath and Body Works was only $1. I feel justified, okay?)
3. Going for a bike ride up the canyon at 7 in the morning is a great way to give yourself twice the workout in half the time, due to wind. (note to self: never do that again.)
4. I rely on the sostenuto pedal of my piano too much. The connecting part inside was broken for about a week before we could get the part to fix it, and it was terrible. With a Brooklyn accent.
5. You can fail your car safety examination for having a leaky rack and pinion.
6. It's a lot more effort than it's worth to connect my phone to my computer with a USB cable I bought on ebay. Also, Samsung has issues.
7. When my friends are out of town, I become a loner. (Okay not really, but I've missed a couple of you vacationers!)
8. I fall somewhere between "I like music" and "music is my life".
Can I just say I love music? Playing it, strumming it, singing it, hearing it...unless it sounds like a cheese grater on a chalkboard. Or a dying farm animal. Or a tractor in a mudhole. Or bunch of doorknobs in a dryer. Then I don't like any of the above.
9. Lately when I've gone shopping, I don't look at shirts and contemplate whether I'm going to buy them, I contemplate how I could make them with my own fabric. Yep, that's right, I'm a sewer.
...So that's why they call it a seamstress...
10. 9 is a terrible number to end on. So, uh, all I have to say is,
And I just realized something. Winks are funny when it's someone your age. But when it's someone older than you, it's creepy.

Now, remember, Don Henley's "love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone."

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  1. Aubrey! I'm lonely too! Let's hang out...for realz.