Monday, June 20, 2011

Journey for journeys

They are the band that changed my life.
No, I'm not exaggerating. Think about it. If you've ever heard a song, it has changed your life. Your life now includes you having heard that song, so it has actually changed your life. That's one of those phrases that kills me: "life-changing". Well, duh, it was life changing, your life would be different if that hadn't happened, no matter what it was!
But that's not the point. The point is, Journey is an amazing band. They are so 80s in every way. And they are so classic. I mean honestly, who hasn't heard the song "Don't Stop Believin'" (aside from worms, and maybe cavemen?)
This brings me to summer theme song #3: "Separate Ways".
Last time I said that I usually don't like music videos. This video is where the "usually" comes in. Meaning, this is an exception.

This video is true art. It's inspiring. It speaks to my soul. Because of this video, I've added "play a keyboard on a wall" to my bucket list. Because of this video, I will not rest until I find my very own cut-off Foosball sweatshirt. The story of it is so inspiring. I mean, Steve Perry (lead singer, looks like a woman, wearing the ugliest wife beater you've ever seen...) loves her so much even though his hair is longer than hers. His intensity at 2:10 is just heartbreaking. And the whole atmosphere is so masterfully done. The warehouse is the ultimate place to make a just feels so real, so honest, so desperate. And playing guitar on a forklift? That just gets you right in the most sensitive part of your heart. And right at 3:28-3:42...did someone say EPIC? That is the most exciting, intense, inspiring 14 seconds of your life. Not even the Rocky theme gets me going that much. I just want to sprint to the top of a mountain and do the heartbroken, surprisingly in tune yell Steve Perry voices at the end of the 14 seconds. And don't forget, I'm going to do all of that wearing denim coveralls. Because if any article of clothing can make me sigh and be full of desire, it's those coveralls (or maybe the keyboard guy's jacket...they sure don't make 'em like that anymore.)
So, before I get too ridiculous, I'll just say, if this video doesn't make you laugh BOISTEROUSLY, then you have problems.
So now, go through your journey of life, and let Journey help you along the journey. Because Journey is the best way to get through the journey.
Journey. (If I didn't want to go to bed I'm sure I could find some more ways to use the word "journey".)
Now, go your "Separate Ways". Ha.

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  1. Brilliant. Life-changing. Beyond description really.