Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Playlist

The Theme Songs of A-Money's Summer
Here's what you do: listen to them! They're good. And (should be, hopefully, generally) g-rated. And since I'm verging on lazy, I'm going to do one a day. Or week.
I'll do one a-certain-alloted-but-as-of-today-still-undecided amount of time.
That's right, BOI!
So, today's song of the day is a song that was actually the free single of the week on iTunes recently.
And while we're on the subject, the iTunes free single of the week is like a slot machine. But much, much better. Sometimes it becomes my new favorite song - like winning the jackpot, do you follow? Except usually it just stinks and I'm like "well that was a waste of a 30 second-no-cost-to-me preview." And actually, they aren't that much alike, because the risk and possible return of the slot machine are much higher.
The point is, I like free singles from iTunes.
And now, the song!
It's called "What I Know" by Parachute. The song is worth listening to, but the video isn't really worth watching. Especially because every one of the members of this band has a serious case of "Dude-you-aren't-a-woman-that's-WAY-too-much-V-in-your-t-shirt".