Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bike Ride

I love bike rides.
And once I went to Cafe Rio with some peeps.
And because I went to Cafe Rio with them, now we have a running joke about bike rides. So basically, I kept saying "So I went for a bike ride today, and . . ."
I probably only said it a couple times (or 4 or 5 or 6 or somewhere around there). But now it's the joke.
I tell you this because I'm about to say it again, and people are going to roll their eyes and say "oh, there she goes, talking about bike rides again." But it doesn't matter because it should be a funny-ish story anyway.

So I went for a bike ride. And I went along the lovely trail by my house that I love so very very much.
[don't be alarmed but I'm switching to present tense now].
So I'm cruising along at a reasonable pace, just enjoying the nice springtime air, filled with car exhaust. Soon some guy passes me. This is more than slightly alarming, because for a second I think it's my brother, who is in Brazil. He's wearing these shorts that, I swear, my brother has the exact same ones, has the same color of hair, and has similar athletic shoes. Whoah. I get over this disconcerting moment, and soon he's out of sight ahead of me.
Then I get to a crosswalk, and there he is, stopped, taking a break. Ahuwkword. I carry on, hoping that will be our last encounter.
A few minutes later, here he comes and passes me again. Double awk.
Eventually I get to a little bridge, which I decide is a good place to turn around. I've been going for a while and I need to get home, you know? I do a quick little I-hope-no-one-saw-that-because-I-am-no-pro-here spin-around, and head back down the way I came.
And wouldn't ya know it, soon I see someone cutting in front of me from an intersecting side trail. IT'S THE SAME GUY.
Um, this is getting weird.
Soon he's out of sight again. Maybe I won't awkwardly run into him again . . .? Maybe . . .?
Hahahaha of course, that would be way too boring.
He's stopped, getting a drink of water when I come around a bend. Except he's about to be on his way again, and starts moving right before I get there. Luckily I don't pass him again. But later, I do see him turn off into a parking lot, where I assume he has a car. Now I KNOW I won't run into him again.  I continue on the way back to my house.

At dinner, I told my family this story, just because I thought it was pretty funny. That may have been a bad idea, because now my dad won't let me live it down. For example:
[I ask him a computer question he doesn't know the answer to] "Well let's call that bike guy, maybe he's a computer guru."
"I dunno Aub, maybe it's the bike guy!"
"Were you talking to that bike guy again?"
"Was it the bike guy?"

Oh well, it was entertaining, right?


  1. I think it's also pretty bad to be walking up quail and either have someone else walk past you, or to be gaining on somebody else and you can't decide if your current tempo is worth the 30 seconds of extreme awkwardness as they can start to hear your footsteps, and then your breathing, and then you're not sure if you should say something or make eye contact because that is even more awkward, and then you get a couple feet ahead of them and you are super tempted to look back and see how much you have passed them by... yeah, I understand you, Aubrey.

  2. I enjoy you far too much for words. Best Story.