Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Be Cool

Don't go by anyone else's definition of cool. 
You have your own definition. As long as you are confident with your own image, you are cool to yourself, and you are cool to people who are like you. 

Different people think different things are cool.

You may define cool as any of the following (and even others):

Being the most fashionable person at school, with the best clothes.
Having a worldwide high score on Doodle Jump.
Being able to beat all of your friends at Halo. (Or in my case, singing on Rock Band...)
Being a soloist or lead in a choir, orchestra, band, musical production, play, etc.
Being an MVP in football, basketball, or another sport.
Winning piano competitions. 
Wearing a vest lined with ice packs at all times.
Never taking a shower in hot water, always cold.
Living in Antarctica.
Being hilarious and clever.
Being hilarious and, well, not clever.
Getting a 4.0 GPA and 36 on the ACT.
Being able to bake delicious foods, such as cakes, or maybe lobster.
Never going to class.
Having perfect attendance. 
Getting into a super prestigious college and getting a master's degree in economics and having several published works by age 25. 
Never having to deal with the stress of any of those things, because you are a drug dealer, or maybe you just work at a snow cone shack.
Being able to play "Chopsticks" and "Heart and Soul" like a boss.
Being one of those people that doesn't care what anyone thinks, so people like you. (Kind of ironic how that works, huh?)
Having read every Harry Potter 18 times, and you have never gotten into a fight because whenever someone bothers you, you just have to think "AVADA KEDAVRA!" and you are never annoyed by them again.
Being able to ride a unicycle. 
Being whatever your friends think is cool. 
Being able to do a gainer off of a cliff. 
Always having good Halloween costumes. 
Being really good with a yo-yo.
Having super awesome perfectly swooping hair that flows like golden silk in the sunlight. 
Having a luscious mustache. 
Pretending you are a dinosaur. 
Having met Jimmer Fredette, or Barack Obama, or the lead singer of your favorite small-town local band.
Being a professional rapper/gangsta/always wearing oversize t-shirts and hats.
Driving really fast in your Maserati that your parents gave you for passing a Biology test.
Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. (what the heck is the rule about using multiple "etc."?)

I may not agree with all of these, but somebody somewhere probably thinks "Whoah, they're cool" when they encounter someone with one of these qualities. So all I'm saying is,
is there a point to this? 
I guess the point is, you can be cool if you want. You probably already are cool. You just need to say, "even though some people don't think so, being able to recite the lyrics to every Phil Collins song ever written in under 20 minutes while making marshmallow sculptures of U.S. presidents is pretty cool!"


  1. Pretty much're really cool.

  2. Why do I feel like several of those characteristics described me? I must be cool or something....

    jk jk. But, really, Worldwide score on Doodle Jump. Yes.

  3. I like you, Aub. I really, really do.

  4. You gals are all the coolest. :)