Monday, November 28, 2011

Laughing at myself, as usual

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Like when it's Sunday night at the end of Thanksgiving break, and you realize a few things:

You had a goal to be in bed by 10, or at latest 11 pm.
It's 12:30.
You haven't even looked at homework since school got out last Tuesday.
You can't remember what, if any, homework you had in the first place.
You spent more time during the break playing Tiny Wings and watching Psych than checking things off your to-do list. (In my defense, those are two of the most addicting things in the world).
You will probably be taking that nap tomorrow after all . . .
You honestly don't feel an ounce of guilt about any of this, because you had a flippin' fun break!

Yep, this is exactly what went through my head last night. Or, I guess, this morning. Weeeeeird . . .

And, for your own personal enjoyment, Christmas song of the moment: "This Christmas Day" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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