Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ultimate Disclaimer

Hello, anyone I interact with. I must not be held accountable for anything I say, do, or wear for the next 7 days. Please ignore me and refrain from reporting to school administration of I exhibit any of the following behaviors:
  • Not responding to simple questions, such as "what class do you have?" or "what is your name?"
  • Wearing a sweatshirt, jeans, and unkempt hair every day
  • Drooling excessively
  • Falling asleep during a conversation
  • Forgetting about one or more major tests
  • Acting illegally without realizing it, such as running stop signs
  • Asking for piggy back rides to class
  • Asking for help putting on seatbelt
  • Having a meltdown due to excess amounts of emails (I had THREE whole emails to answer at once today. It was so stressful). 
  • Bringing a pillow and blanket to school so as to take naps in the back corner of the classroom
  • Telling irrelevant stories about garbanzo beans and "this one time when I was tying my shoes, I kinda got distracted, and forgot to tie my shoe all the way. Then I remembered."
Also, for your own and society's safety, please refrain from using the following words or expressions in my presence:
College, application, transcript, payment, deadline, homework, standardized, Hamlet, Psychology, college, college, college, future, occupation, major, money, scholarship, contest, essay, grade, piano, Sadie Hawkins, food, exercise, sleep, sleep, sleep, test, AP, planning, form, freshmen, college.

Your cooperation is much appreciated - thanks from that one girl who you might recognize as being really out of it all the time and having zero coherence who has gotten at most 6 hours of sleep any given weeknight of this school year.

P.S. Is it Friday yet?

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