Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Deeper-than-the-Ocean Clean

You know how people are always like "I'm deep cleaning my room"?
They don't know the meaning. They didn't go through what I went through last week.

This saga of sorting and chucking consisted of: a total of approximately 7 hours, spread over 3 days, with 3 large piles of paper to be recycled, and most importantly, a now clean room.
Now I'll just let the photos do the rest of the talking. (With between few and many comments from me).

This was my "desk" before the organization apocalypse. Desk is in quotation marks because it should be called "that one part of my room where I pile all my stuff". I mean, LOOK at it. Do you think I could do homework on that? No siree. In fact, the whole reason I spent my precious time on this whole cleaning ordeal was because I wanted to be able to use that desk this year. Last school year, I would come home and promptly plop on my bed to do my homework there. Guess what happens when you try to read The Scarlet Letter while laying down on your bed? Yeah. Snooze-y time. So, the objective was to clean up my desk area enough to provide the possibility of using it for a homework. Results will [hopefully] include: increased productivity after school, better grades, more scholarship opportunities, getting into Stanford and Yale and Harvard, possibly developing super powers, and maybe even solving worldwide economic crises. Although, I'll be down with just getting more homework done.

And now, some of the treasures/non-treasures I uncovered:

First, my "Summer 2011 Bucket List". Ironic because: A. I recently had a post saying how I don't think it should be called a "summer bucket list", B. it doesn't do much good if I forget I even had a list, and C. because I actually had done most of the things, without even knowing it. Ha!

Here's a slew of things I found expressing my hatred for my 8th grade geometry class. And this isn't even the half of it. Apparently that class was worse than I remembered.

One day, my teacher was saying some weird stuff, that really didn't have much to do with math, so I said "maybe I should take notes anyway", and this was the result. No joke, these are my notes from an entire class period. I'm sure Chuck Norris could relate to math somehow, I mean, come on, he's Chuck Norris. But hair color...?

Everything I learned in my sophomore year Spanish class is right here. I learned how to draw a dinosaur, I learned that making teacher bingo games is absolutely the best way to survive an otherwise morbidly horrendous class, and I learned that Migdalia is a real name. MIND BLOWN!  (If, by some chance, you are reading this, and your name is Migdalia, please tell me. I would be honored to meet you and most likely you will be my new best friend).

The pile of papers I threw away (don't worry, they're in the recycling) one day. Between the other 2 days I was doing this, I had at least this much again. All I can say is, "How...the heck..." and "What...the freak..." and "Let's get yogurt!" ( Teen Girl Squad, anyone? Seriously though. Let's).

And now (drummmmmmroll), the point/moral/object/whatever you want to call it.
Uh...it feels good to get all the crap out of your life? HEY! This could actually be a great life lesson. When you keep all your 9th grade P.E. notes, biology diagrams, and Spanish worksheets, you originally think you might look at them again later. Or you think "I put so much work into these, I can't just throw them away." But then, you eventually take a plunge (into the recycling bin, that is) and voila! You feel free. Those old notes and assignments could be anything for you; an old grudge, a bad habit, anything, that you think you need to keep. But just throw it away, and you realize what you've been missing out on.

And who knows, if you deep clean your own room, you might have a chance at being almost as deep as yours truly.
Ah, I crack myself up.

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