Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Insults and Curse Words Part II

Here are some more that I missed or just recently encountered:
(These may all be used as insults or as a "What the - insert word")
Conveyor belt
Shoelace truck
Rose petal megaphone
Irrconceivable venue
Crayon frame
Coffee-stained chiffon gown
Elegiac mailbox flag
Sporadic glucose
Soy sauce napkin
Granite bamboo umbrella
Rubber toaster strudel
Glass-faced hornet
Dwarf vase
Aluminum stork
Peach fuzz
Mail bush
Woven basket

Now go to, and keep that language clean!

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  1. Note to self- Never read Aubrey's blog at work. I end up smothering laughter at my desk and wishing I was just in my room, so I could pee my pants in private. hahahaha (Just kidding world- I don't actually pee my pants. Anymore.)