Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer: Overrated?

Forgive the cliché, but it's that time of year again! School's OVER for SUMMER VACATION! We're all celebrating, aren't we (except our parents)? The mouthwatering thought of popsicles, slushies, and ice cream all day long, the golden glow of tanned skin, partyin' pool parties, vacations all throughout the land, not picking up a pen for 3 months, and just plain warm weather. Though this may sound like the cat's pajamas, it's really more like the cat's old t-shirt and shorts. Which can be used as pajamas. But technically aren't. And since this is the worst analogy I've ever come up with, I'm going to just explain my thoughts from another angle.
Here's what I mean.

1. Popsicles, slushies, ice cream, eating out all the time with your friends? Sounds fun! And delish!

Then you remember, oh yeah, I have to have money for all that stuff. And that much sugar will mess anyone up. And popsicles stop tasting good after a while. Especially once all the root beer flavored ones are gone (which, seriously guys? That always happens within like 2 days. What is the DEAL?)

2. Getting a good-lookin', glowing TAN!

Did someone say, skin cancer? If you aren't a white, freckly, red-head like me, this isn't as big of an issue. But as for me, I don't really tan. This is how my skin reacts to over 30 minutes of sun exposure at a time.
6. With a microscope, my skin might look a little bit darker.
...and in 20 years, SKIN CANCER! HOORAY!

3. NO SCHOOL! Partyin' all summer long! No more thinking! No more homework!

First day of school: "...son of a crescent wrench, I don't remember a single thing. Let's re-learn it all!"

4. Pool parties! Other parties! Partying! All the time!

Hey remember how you spent more time on facebook last summer than actually talking to people? And how you went to more family reunions than pool parites? ...Even if that isn't true for you, it's still true that a lot of people actually see all their school friends less during the summer, because, whaddya know, they aren't going to school. And then so many people go on vacation, that you really aren't that much more social during the summer.

5. INFINITE TIME to catch up on all that stuff you've been meaning to do.

Let's see, YW/Scout camps, youth conference, family reunions, band (or other music) camp, football/basketball/tennis/cheer/whatever sport camp, EFY, summer job, summer school or online classes, family vacations, family get-togethers when they come to town, and whatever else is going on. Looks like I actually don't have time to deep clean my room, wash my car, start a band, start a small business, create a t.v. series, have all those movie marathons I've been meaning to, read my ever-growing list of books, and learn to actually play the guitar. Oh well, there's always next summer...

Bottom line, summer's overrated. While people's lawns might be greener in summer, the grass isn't as green as you think. (Okay, I know that was bad. But bear with me. You get the idea.)
HAGS! (yep, I did that because it's annoying.)


  1. So ummm... I love you.
    That's all

  2. My mom read this over my shoulder, laughed, and told me that she likes my friends and wants to read their blogs. My mother's favor is precious. Well done, Cob.

  3. Love you too Aubs!
    Miriam. I am so honored. Seriously, I feel like it's all been worth it now.