Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yeah. Yep. Uuuuh huh.
The bongo drum's in the apple tin
The dinosaur ends qualify begin
Puppy dog crenshaw onto blinds
Buttoned silly ate curtain rinds
Who now when for yes no what?
Pillowed gloomy rods in please
Whaling leaves on purple seas
But cars wash granite beating these
Tiring tires wheels lugnut space
Gazeebo donut dikes who lace.

Don't act like you understand some deep meaning here. There isn't one. In fact, it took more focus than you would think to be completely and utterly nonsensical. But sometimes it's somewhat remedial to accept a few things as nonsensical, since we constantly have to asses situations around us and make sense of what's going on. Then if we don't understand, it drives us insane. So here you go, you can thank me for your daily dose of utterly doesn't sense. Ha. Ha.

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