Thursday, July 28, 2011

Titles are overrated.

Did you wake up this morning, put on your pants and say, "I'm going to find out what Aubrey's favorite band is today"?
If you did, I congratulate you. If you didn't, SURPRISE!
If there's one thing I am, it might be indecisive. (Or insane...that one's up there.) When it comes down to it, I can make decisions. I can analyze the pros and cons, just like anybody else. But when it comes to music, I seem to love it all (except a few currently popular artists that I won't mention in case my blog gets really famous someday and they happen to read it). So how is it I can decide on a favorite band when I can't even choose a pair of socks in the morning? The fact is, no other band measures up (in my opinion). For me personally, the Eagles are the only band worthy of being my "favorite."
If you are confused, shocked, surprised, astounded, flabbergasted, perplexed, stupefied, startled, dumbfounded, disconcerted, bewildered, agog, agast, alarmed, startled, stunned, taken aback, astonished, astounded, or stupefied, allow me to explain myself. (And let me add, why is it that some words have so many wonderful synonyms, while others have none?)
It's often difficult to explain why you like something. Sometimes, you just like it. But I'll do the best I can. And now, 10 reasons I love the Eagles, in the form of my top ten favorite Eagles songs (and let me tell you, it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down). And remember, these are in no particular order.

1. "New Kid in Town"
Ever since I was the "new kid", as in, since birth, I've been singing these melodies. These guitar solos and bass lines are as much a part of me as mom's cooking and dad's words of wisdom. In fact, my parents went to one of their concerts the same year I was born. This music accompanies memories from pretty much every stage of my life.

2. "Take it Easy"
Something I've observed about this band: anything between rock and country and the far ends of each can be found on the vinyl of their 1970's albums. But all of their songs help me to "take it easy" in some way or another. Whether I'm on a boat at Lake Powell or laying on my bedroom floor sorting through papers, their easy-going stuff is there, filling the empty space with music.

3. "Heartache Tonight"

I want their talent. My heart aches for it (ha. ha.). Don Henley, the main man, the one who's been there since the beginning (along with Glenn Frey), is so multi-talented I can't even stand it. When he's not singing (and usually when he is, too), he's playing the guitar. And when the guitar's already covered, he's playing the piano. And when there's no piano get the point.

4. "Already Gone"

It's 1976. You walk into a record store. "I'd like to buy the new Eagles album, please," you say. The store clerk nods, he's heard this a million times already today. "Sorry, they're already gone."
From Wikipedia: "With five number one singles, six Grammys, five American Music Awards, and six number one albums, the Eagles were one of the most successful musical acts of the 1970s...They also have the best selling album in the U.S. with Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975), which sold approximately 42 million copies worldwide. They have sold over 120 million albums worldwide and 100 million in the U.S. alone. They are the fifth highest selling music act in U.S. history and the highest selling American band in U.S. history."
Now that's what I call credentials. YEE-uh, SON!

5. "Lyin' Eyes"

If I told you I didn't like the Eagles, you would see in my eyes that I was lyin'. (Yeah...that was a stretch.)

6. "Desperado"
Why don't you "come to your senses" and see that they're amazing!

7. "Hotel California"

If you haven't heard this song, I have one question for you: How's living in that cave working out for ya?
Also, I have a distinct memory of singing the guitar parts of this song in their entirety in my 8th grade science class with my friend Kate...nothing can bond you with a song like such a fond memory. (The singing is a fond memory. Not the class.)

8. "Take it to the Limit"
The Eagles "take it to the limit"! ...Yeah, yep. 

9. "Victim of Love"

This is just a rockin' song. And people should really say "rockin" more.

10. "The Long Run"
All I can say is, in "the long run", the Eagles will always be my favorite band. Their music is timeless. I know this because when I went to their concert in 2009,  most of the people there were probably there to reminisce about their younger days, in the 1970's (if you didn't understand that, yeah, they were all older than me). And yes, this did make the concert feel somewhat weird to me. But do you think I care? NO! I was there for the music!
Before I get too overexcited, I'd better say goodbye.

Take it easy folks!

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  1. I love the Eagles also. I went to a concert in the 70's, in La Grande, Oregon, when they were still doing the University circuts. They were amazing. My best friend and I got to go back stage and see them off on the bus since her big sister was dating the guy that booked them. Pretty cool. They guy that booked them sent them off with a bottle of Black Velvet. Did not even know what that was at the time. A very fun concert.