Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Something Special Just for You (and everyone else. You're still special, don't worry)

I just want to take a minute to talk about this video. Yes, I'm aware I do this a lot. Yes, I'm aware I could produce much more educational and valuable things with the time it will take me to write this. But, seriously, guys, just, okay, yeah. Just watch the video. Then we'll talk.

Okay, reasons I felt this was worthy of sharing:
1. Asian guy playing the violin. Yeah.
2. Harmonica solo.
3. Filmed in a bike shop. BECAUSE I LOVE BIKE RIDES.
4. Guitar solo. Does he look like a crazy guitar man? Nooooope
5. Cleverrrr
6. They're kind of a little bit awkward because they're just funny and chill and like let's have a good time making this music video because we aren't all that famous but we're still pretty cool anyways.
7. Um, I just like it a lot, I hope you agree.

KBYE. Hugs for y'all. Baaaaaaye.

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