Thursday, March 21, 2013

Irony Is:

when your dad always takes a 2-inch stack of napkins from every fast food restaurant he visits to stock in his car, but when a Vanilla Coke explodes, there are no napkins to be found.

when you turn right and switch to the left lane, and the left turner turns and switches into the right lane.

when you remember something as soon as it doesn't matter anymore.

when Walmart doesn't have the one thing you need.

when you only need to sneeze when you're trying not to wake someone up.

when you buy something and it goes on sale the next day.

when you forget your sunglasses on a sunny day, but remember to bring them on a cloudy day.

when you pick up your 3-handled laundry basket by the one side without a handle.

when it takes you 5 tries to type the word "attempt".

Irony is everywhere, seriously. And the great thing is, even when something ridiculously stupid happens in life, usually I can at least find some amusement by saying "how ironic is that?"

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  1. LITERALLY...the most ironic blog post I have EVER read.