Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When You Don't Do Things That Are Dumb But You Fail To Do Things That Would Have Been Smart So You Feel The Same As You Would If You Had Done Something Dumb

They don't usually happen at the same time. But they both happen.
I, for one, mess up a lot. I have thoughts that say "heeeey there . . . you should prolly loook at thiissss before you submiiiittt your paaaaaper . . ."
And guess what? These voices are so quiet, and so creepy, and they just lurk in the back of my mind like they don't really want to make themselves known. So the part of my brain that's like "FINISH ALL THE HOMEWORKS!!!" kinda takes over. I get hasty sometimes. And then I'm embarrassed later when I realized that a small pause to make sure I was doing things correctly could have saved me a lot of pain.
Story time.
We have to write short papers for my Political Science class. At the beginning of the semester, I downloaded the list of topic options, thinking that it wouldn't change. When doing my peer reviews, I encountered another student's paper that was focused on a topic that was not included in the original list of options. I gave them a failing grade. Little did I know that the directions had been updated, and the topic this student had written about was included, and the topic I had written about was not. Did someone say, "HOLY SWINE, THAT'S FLAGNOGGING EMBARRASSING AND AWKWARD AND AWFUL"?
Well, that's actually what I said. Why didn't I just check the directions online? It would have taken 20 seconds tops.
But the point here isn't for me to lament in my silly mistakes. The point is to share a valuable lesson with all my peeps. The lesson is this: don't get so carried away with life that you don't take the time to do little things that will actually save you time in the future even though you probably think you don't have time but you're rushing so much that you don't even take the time to think about whether you have time to do them.
You follow?

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