Sunday, December 2, 2012

Narwhals, Yo

I discovered last night that narwhals are real. So that's chill.
I feel like an idiot for not already knowing that, but I'm also ridiculously excited.
Here's a video about them. It's by National Geographic. That's how I know it's legit.
Ohmygoodness I still can't believe narwhals are real.

Okay I'ma tell you the story. This is a discovery of gargantuan importance in my life, and I need to document it for my posterity. It's probably not journal-worthy, so you internet people get to hear it.

So mah roomie, Camille, and I were continuing an age-old American tradition of watching Elf instead of studying for finals. You know the part where a narwhal just comes out of the water and errbody's scared out o' their wits, except then he's just like "Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad" and Buddy's like "Thanks Mr. Narwhal" and it's all great and you're like "I WISH NARWHALS WERE REAL SO THEY COULD GIVE ME ENCOURAGING ADVICE BEFORE I EMBARK ON MAGICAL LIFE-CHANGING JOURNEYS" and then Camille's like "Narwhals are real" and I'm like "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME NO THEY AREN'T YOU LIAR YOU'RE TRYING TO GET MY HOPES UP SO YOU CAN THROW ME DOWN TO THE GROUND AND LAUGH AT ME AND TELL ME THAT GULLIBLE IS WRITTEN ON THE CEILING ALSO AND NOW I WILL TAKE CAPS LOCK OFF" and Camille's like "No, seriously, look at this totally legit NatGeo video on the interwebs!" and you're just like
"My life.
is changed.
Narwhals, yo. They'll change your life.
Who wants to go with me to see them in the wild? Okay. Sweet.

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