Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Philosophizating About La Música

I used to say that people just weren't good musicians anymore, and that none of today's music was good.In middle school, I basically only listened to the Eagles, Boston, Heart, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Styx...lots of bands like that.
Then I discovered Pandora online radio.
Now I have this Pandora station that plays basicalmente zero classic rock. But I love pretty much every song that comes on it.

I think I just wasn't listening to the right "new music". 
I still think that pretty much everything on the radio
(If you didn't just get that Nacho Libre reference then we presumably can't be friends anymore).
But there's plenty, that sadly isn't ever granted much air time, that has relaxed style, awesome vocals, originality...lots o' that good stuff. 
Oh and harmonicas. 
And whistling.
And good lyrics...HOLLA for the songs with a catchy tune AND a good message!
And holy crenshaw, don't forget UKES! Ukulele accompaniment can almost automatically make a song my fave.
But mostly, they're Or something. I dunno. 
And it's nice to know that it doesn't cost nearly as much money to see a new artist live...just sayin'. Seriously, U2 concert ticket prices are obscene. 
Plus, younger bands probably still have all their members. 
Example time! Last year I got to see Paul McCartney live. It was amazing, wonderful, excellent, exciting, awesome, fabulous, stellar, and much more. 
But I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to see ALL the Beatles. At the same time. WHOAH.
Did you just imagine that with me? Whew! Ah! 

And now that I've gone on a complete tangent and completely lost track of what the point is supposed to be here...
I feel like I owe you something for actually reading this. 
How about a free smile and/or hug next time I see you? Does that count?

P.S., have you picked up on the fact that I kinda like music yet? Just a little bit?
Tee hee.
Also, I wish "philosophizating" was a real word...

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  1. Dear funny Aubrey. If you haven't yet engrossed your life with Ingrid Michaelson I suggest you do so very very soon.