Thursday, September 8, 2011


Most days, you don't miss your piano lesson because you were trying out for the school musical. That's why it's  a little stressful when it does happen. Especially because you forgot that you even had a piano lesson. It goes something like this:

"Oh NO! Was my piano lesson at five? I think it was! Lars, where's mom?"
My older brother didn't even glance away from his computer screen. "Uh...she's...not here."
"Thanks, you're really helpful!"
A few moments later, I discovered my dad was on the phone with that very same evasive woman that held the answer to whether or not I was doomed to a painful demise!
"Dad! Ask her when I was supposed to go to piano lessons!"
As he hung up the phone, he confirmed my worst fears.
"Yep, it was at five."
"OH NO! My poor teacher...I better call her. Dad, what's her phone number?"
"How should I know?...Oh, wait, actually..."
As he said the number, I thought it sounded familiar. But in my flurried state of frenzy I didn't bother to think about it. I ducked into the laundry room and dialed.
"Good afternoon. The time is: 5:38. Today is Tuesday, September 6..."
Ooooooh the shame. How could I fall for such an elementary joke?
As I staggered back into the kitchen, my face was pure chagrin. The expression, or situation, or probably both, was enough to pull a snicker right out of my big brother.
My dad's remark was, "Aub, you've really got to stop putting that blonde stuff in your hair..."

Oh, the hilarity and shame of having a prank pulled on you.