Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stuff Happens.

And sometimes, that stuff is super wonderfully awesomely bodacious and magnificent.

If you actually consistently read this humble excuse for a blog, you might recall that one time when I wrote a post about the shoes that I want so very very much. The shoes that make my heart quicken and my head rush just looking at their online picture.Oh, if you perhaps did not read that post, now's your chance!

And now that you have the preface refresher, I'm going to tell you a story about stuff that happened to me.

Yesterday afternoon was an unexpectedly fateful one. Oh yes indeed! It was a regular (to be said the Spanish way, because yes, it is spelled the same) afternoon,  "doing homework" on the computer...yeah we all know how that goes. Of course, I was actually watching Julian Smith videos, reading blogs, and shopping online. I mean, I had my English class forum open in one tab...that counts for something, right?
Suddenly, I thought to myself, "hey, I should see what the 'deal of the day' is on Amazon!"
My mouse went "clickkkey!" right on that little icon that I love so very much on my bounteous bookmarks tab. And then it went "clickkkey!" right on that little icon that I love so very much that says "today's deals".
there was nothing good.

 ha, ha, see what I did there? You thought it was going to be something really awesome? But it really wasn't? haaaa...

The important part is what happened after...when my mouse went "clickkkey!" right on that little icon that I realized I hadn't clicked a very very long time that says "my wishlist".
Surprise, surprise, those little stripey kicks that I discovered a few months ago were sittin' in there, waiting for some attention. Well, they got it, let me tell you, when I saw that the price had dropped down to $25.12.
Plus guess what? When my mouse went "clickkkey!" on that little icon that is so very very bittersweet that says "proceed to checkout" Amazon went and applied a cute little $7 discount onto my order. Plus I got free shipping because the order was over $25 (by 12 cents...)! Coincidence? Of course not! I'm positive it's Amazon's way of saying "thanks for buying a buttload of stuff from us and cluttering your room up with a lot of our empty boxes"...or maybe just fate. These exquisite footwear and me were meant to be together. Finding a soul mate, who is actually a person? Psh...

Basically, you probably think I'm a materialistic shoe addict who spends too much time browsing yet has limited monies and is subsequently a miserable piece of misery who is headed nowhere in life. 

But I don't care, because I just got the shoes that I love so very very much for $18.

How 'bout that, world? Woot!

I guess this would be a good time to say that I actually love people more than shoes. If I had to choose between these hi-tops and any one of my friends or family members...well, I guess it would be pretty unethical to choose the shoes wouldn't it? 
Kidding. I'm KIDDING. I love all of you guys! A lot! In fact, have you ever noticed that the only reason anything is ever fun is because there are enjoyable people present? 
Thanks for making life great. (Especially school...)

Also, I love the people right now. ;)

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  1. I can't wait to behold these beauties in person :)