Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm No Quitter

In fact, I've rarely put a book back on the shelf without reading every last word. But sometimes, you just can't go on. Like when you pick up The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck because it's at your house, and it's Christmas time. You know Glenn Beck is, well . . . never mind, no need to talk politics here. But the point is, he didn't become famous for his writing prowess.
That was blindingly apparent when I reached page 4 and read the following analogy:

"Others might have called him a baker, but I thought of him as a master craftsman or a sculptor. Instead of a chisel he used dough, and instead of clay he used frosting - but the result was always a masterpiece."

And that was it. It's hard to convince yourself to press on after reading the absolute worst analogy you have ever seen.

If you happen to love that book, please accept my apology. I'm sure it's a great story full of Christmas spirit.

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