Friday, July 27, 2012

A Rap About Rain

I was going to make an actual recording of me rapping this, but then I didn't because I decided not to and because I didn't really want to and because I'm too lazy and because that would be pretty embarrassing.
So instead of reading it in your head, rap it for your friends and family. That's the way it's meant to be, friends.

A Rap About Rain
A lotta people get all poetic about rain
But I don't wanna do that, it's all just the same
So I'm gonna tell you 'bout what I think
And how I feel . . . and everything

When the weather's nice and sunny, I think it's boring
I'd rather go outdoors when it's raining, and pouring 
I splash in a puddle, I'm wearin' a slicker
You'd better bring inside all your furniture that's wicker

I'm not talkin' bout a little sprinkle, no -
I'm talkin' bout a downpour that's RATHER . . . TORRENTIAL
Sprinkles are for cupcakes and cookies, ya know?

Put on your rubber boots and don't bother with the hair
And remember that this life and the weather ain't fair

Basically, that's what goes through my head on a rainy day. But alas, I am still a white girl with limited rap experience. Here's a REAL rap song, one with a beat and a video and professional skills.

1 comment:

  1. Allow me to retort...

    aubrey glazier might be a racist
    but all haters gotta face this
    she got lyrics like a nursery rhyme
    i checked 'em because plagiarizing's a crime
    now all she needs a beat that's phat
    check out the link below it's a rat
    yeah i read this blog
    and now I have to drain my sink, there's a clog