Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stuff My Siblings Say

Tyler: "Did you see how he went 'hubba hubba' with his eyes?"

Tyler: Hey Aubrey, have you watched season 5 of Psych yet?
Me: Yeah, almost all of it.
Tyler: The chemistry between Shawn and Juliet is finally coming together!

Hannah: You're all despicable hags with no life and no future.
(She said this to two of my friends and me while we were sitting in a basement, after having just watched 101 Dalmatians. I know we kind of almost deserve the no life part, but hags? No. No way. Don't even think about taking her side).

Tyler: Who do you think you are, weather, California?! It's like 72 degrees out here!


Tyler (to my dad, about my mom): If you can even call her a "Mrs.". . . she's married to a troll!

Tyler: Aubrey, don't marry a loaf.

Hannah: How come some holidays are on a different date every year? Like Memorial Day?
Me: Well it just depends. I mean, the 4th of July . . .
Hannah: Yeah, the 4th of July isn't on the same day every year.
Me: . . . July 4th?
(She meant day of the week, I just thought she was having a major blonde moment).

Tyler: You're such a white tran!

Hannah: Did you know I'm going to read the dictionary?

Tyler: I have two words for you! Shut . . . DOWN. 

Hannah: If you say anything about it I will punch you in the nose! . . .With my pen!

They have to make up for the older brothers not being at home. They're alright. 

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