Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Future and Stuff

Well, the sappy "oh no I'm graduating from high school and my life will never be the same and I'm going to miss all my friends!" had to come sometime, right?

Or I guess that can be replaced with the "I'm so done with high school and I'm ready for college boys and freedom and I'm so excited!"

No? How about the "I'm scared for the future, but I know I will be able to overcome my challenges and learn from my hard times. I'm ready for the future, even though I know things are going to get harder."

Or what about the . . . Zooey Deschanel?
Wait what?
Basically, there's a She & Him song that pretty much sums up how I feel about this whole "graduation" thing. Well, only the title. The song is actually talking about, like, a relationship, between two people (weird, right? I dunno what's up with that), so it doesn't fully apply. But it kinda does. Ready for the best analogy of the century? Or maybe weirdest?


Many people have relationships in high school, but everyone has a relationship with high school. But as you get older, you find out that you need something else. You learn things from high school, but there are bigger and better things for you if you move on.

Some people wait until HS breaks up with them, and they have a hard time handling it for a while. They cry a lot, and try to keep things the way they were, but HS has moved on. New freshmen have taken their place and they have to accept that HS isn't coming back.

Some people try to break up with HS before HS is ready to let go, and so they come up with more and more excuses to avoid HS. Eventually HS lets them go, because it had to end sometime.

Some people just gradually grow apart from HS, and they have a little talk at the end of May and say "you know, this isn't going to work anymore." And they decide to stop seeing each other, on a bittersweet note. It's like a "let's stop before things get bad, so we can just remember the good parts" kind of a thing.

Some people keep it in the friend zone, so to speak, and keep hanging out . . . coming to all the concerts . . . visiting all the teachers . . . not really leaving . . . but denying that they can't let go. Friend zoned by HS, and pretending that's all they want - just friendship. (But really they want more than just friendship). Eventually though, they realize that HS will never see them as more than a friend.

For any high school senior reading this, here's my "sappy advice" bit.
Don't look back.
And if you won't listen to me, you'll listen to Zooey Deschanel, right?

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