Sunday, May 6, 2012


You know how many people in this world are serious? All the time?
You know what I say to that?


I just think we could all afford to laugh a little more.
And you might think this is me being all "you know, we should all try to laugh more because it makes our hard situations better."
No, I actually am saying this because I always looks stupid when I'm laughing and no one else is. I know, it's a huge problem, right? But seriously, (or not seriously? huh? huh? see, no one's laughing) I want you people to laugh at more jokes, laugh at more strange faces, laugh at more awkward moments. Because otherwise I will be the only one laughing, and then it's awkward for everyone, and my face gets all red, and people think I'm sunburned, which I probably am, but maybe not, but I'll never know because I can't tell, and then I'm just confused forever, and right now I'm having major déjà vu, so I'm going to stop that tangent before it consumes my life.

Just don't laugh in the wrong situations. You know the ones I'm talking about. Oh, you don't? You want me to make a list? Okay then, if you insist.
Don't laugh when:
  • someone asks you to marry them
  • someone is crying because you just punched them in the face
  • a kid drops their ice cream on the ground
  • your friend asks you if you like the picture they drew for you
  • a police officer asks you how fast you think you were going
  • a bear is chasing you
  • your mom asks if you were on time for school
  • a homeless person asks you for money
  • you're trying to pull off a successful prank
  • you're driving the doorbell ditching getaway car and the windows are down
  • the grocery store cashier asks if you want paper or plastic
  • your friends asks if you like their new haircut
  • someone asks for directions
  • someone asks "do I look fat in this dress?"
  • dirty, racist, or otherwise offensive jokes!!! THIS IS A G-RATED BLOG!!!
Stop it, this is no time for laughter.

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