Monday, January 23, 2012

Am I A Hipster?

It all started last summer, when my cousin, in a derogatory manner, accused me of being a "hipster". "What the heck is that supposed to mean?" I asked.
Well, despite my best efforts (or in other words, looking it up on urban dictionary), I never really could get a clean-cut definition of hipsterism.
I eventually settled with the following:
Hipster: anyone anti-all-things-mainstream that listens to indie music and wears retro clothes, and pretty much just wants to be independent an unique. Defined by an I-liked-that-before-it-was-cool-but-since-it's-popular-now-I-hate-it attitude and looking down on those that follow bandwagons and popular thinking.
That was supposed to be more concise, but I guess it's too late now.
The problem here is, hipsterism seems to be becoming mainstream. Maybe it just seems that way because it gets lots of attention, but it still raises an interesting question. How can you be anti-mainstream by joining a popular way of thinking? This paradox puzzled my puzzling puzzler for a great while. Then, a friend of mine observed, "A hipster will never admit they are hipster."
AHA! So, by thinking idependently and refusing to consider yourself a part of any group (even hipsters), you become a hipster.
But how are there hipsters if no one but non-hipsters considers themself a hipster?
My brain hurts. Maybe making a list will help me feel more organized.

Why Aubrey Just Might Be, But Sort of Isn't, Because That Would Make Her Not . . . A Hipster

1. I used to love Adele's voice, but now I don't really like listening to her as much. Is it because my music taste changed, or because she became mainstrea?

2. Fashion-wise, I just might be somewhat hipster-esque. But not really, because sometimes I wear normal jeans that fit me properly. But one day, I was wearing my striped PF Flyers, orange pants, REO Speedwagon T-shirt, denim jacket, and my nerd glasses, and was told I was "definitely a hipster." But wait, who says clothes make you a hipster? I don't wear them to be anti-mainstream, I wear them because I like them! (And this is one anecdotal example. Usually I don't put enough thought into what I wear to be a hipshionista).
3. I got really mad the other day when I realized that some girl had the exact same Creative Recreation shoes as I do. Basically, I was the only person I knew of who had their women's canvas shoes, until I saw this girl. They looked brand new, so I KNOW I had mine first!!! I have nothing against the girl though; I had a class with her once and she was super cool. But I just hate the fact that she bought the shoes that I thought were unique to me . . . oh, tears . . .
On second thought, I'm over it.

4. This is my favorite music video of the moment:

5. I don't really agree with any politician, ever, at all, ever. I'm freaking out that I'm going to be able to vote for the next president of the United States. Even though, according to most economists, my vote doesn't matter at all, I want to at least put my vote towards the person I want running this country. Right now, I'm at a loss for who that may be. Now, if Stephen Colbert was on the ballot, that would be a different story . . .

6. More often than not, I listen to NPR podcasts (the Freakonomics one is my favorite, in case you were wondering) while I get ready in the mornings. Is that hipster-esque? I dunno, really, but I do it.

7. I don't like winky faces. Shh, don't tell, but I still use them once in a while ;)

8. I refuse to post something as my Facebook status if I think that anyone has ever said that same thing in any form, ever. "What a good day!"? Nope. "I have so much homework!"? Never.

9. I am 98.7493 % more likely to NOT like a song if it is on the radio.

10. I liked Tinkerbell stuff in 7th grade. I had the t-shirts, pictures on all my notebooks and folders, you know the drill. Then when EVERYONE started jumping on the Tink-wagon, I jumped off. I was like "oh, that's not cool anymore cause people like it."

11. I just added another reason so I wouldn't have an even 10.

So, basically, I'm still confused. Does rolling up your pants and hating on music anyone else has heard of qualify you as a hipster? Or is it more about the whole philosophy of being different for the sake of being different? And most importantly (for me anyway) . . .
am I a hipster?

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